The WordPress Archive is for website owners who would like to have a page that links to all archived entries. It is arranged in a way that it becomes a gateway into past blogs. Using WordPress 1.5 theme system, website owners can create files customizing their archive gateway.

First, he must create the archive index template and page. A PAGE must be created to have a separate archive index and this page shall be assigned a special template.
Second, start the template or archives.php, which is stored in the theme’s directory. This template can be given a standard name, which will make it easier to change the blog’s theme or distribute the theme and template to the WordPress community. However, not all standard names can be given. There is a list of names that cannot be used which WordPress reserves for specific purposes.

A website owner can also use other all-purpose templates such as index.php or category.php to display more archive index. However, it is easier to edit the template later when using the theme system. Having created the WordPress archive, a website owner can also customize his archives. There is variety of techniques available to do this such as the incorporation of plugins or PHP code. He can set his archives in such a way that it is displayed by year.

WordPress archive can also be promoted using plugins such as popularity contest wherein it tracks the post’s popularity, related entries wherein related posts and pages to the current post are showed, or ultimate tag warrior wherein possibilities and functions for tag posts are increased through the creation of lists of tags.

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