Web analytics might be easy for those professionals who have been working on it for many years. However, newbies who are just learning the intricacies of web analytics needs a guide to show them around.

What is web analytics?

Web analytics refer to the study of the behaviour of people online pertaining to a website. It is the process of collecting data about the activities of the people accessing a website. In layman’s term, it is combined market research and information technology.
What one should know about web analytics?
Web analytics space is not easy to understand because there are many companies and product types that cater to different needs. A newbie can therefore benefit from web analytics guide. Here are some of them.

1.There are several freebies or free solutions offered on Internet. However, as expected, these freebies are not as effective as the paid solutions and do not offer much support. If a person wants to learn more about web analytics and doesn’t have a budget, then freebies are the way to go. A person can use these to gain experience before buying a paid solution.
2.There is a web analytic package called Analog, which is free. However, this is considered to be oldest web analytic packages available and can require some customisation. There is an improved version of Analog, which is better to work with. It is called AWStats. It provides some graphs, do some streaming and e-mail statistics from the log files.

There are many guide information about web analytics on Internet. Some of them are free. Others are paid guide. The latter provide sample ones so that a person can read more about the guide before finally deciding to buy it.

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