HTML or hypertext markup language is a powerful language that is designed to create and develop websites and pages for the Internet.  Every page element that you see on the Internet, whether they are websites, web pages, landing pages, simple text box, or a field, all of these were made using the HTML.  

Landing pages are practically made using the HTML.  However, as the Internet and the online industry have become more modernized and demanding, more and more similar languages are mushrooming.  However, the mother of all these newly developed scripting and markup languages are referenced to the HTML.

HTML apart from its distinct features as landing page maker is being widely used by generally of web developers and designers because of the ease of coding that is required. In fact, the tag elements that are found on the HTML codes were included and embedded as part of the modern scripting languages.  This goes to prove that HTML and its codes are fundamentally strong and functional in terms of web building and designing.

The more common features of the landing pages such as image embedding, text formatting, and other multimedia inclusions are all capable of being made and done using the HTML not to mention that these are easily coded and generated using this web designing tool.

The HTML tool continues to be one of the most trusted web designing tools according to generally a number of web developers and designers.  The established credibility and robustness that HTML has earned and developed are two of the fundamental reasons for its being used up until this time.

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