Some great podcasters are using more than just a program to record file. They use add-on software applications like audio editing software to make their published audio more attractive and interesting. What’s more is that some of these podcast applications are available for free.

Audacity could be the most famous of all the free audio editing software. It can also be used to publish podcast and it boasts its easy interface that makes it a very user-friendly product. Another podcast free application is the Easypodcast, which provides easy assistance on publishing podcasts. With Easypodcast, one can automatically generate the ID3 tags for the mp3 file and create an RSS feed faster. It also has a built-in FTP client that is helpful in uploading the RSS and the mp3 file faster to a certain website.

Similar to Easypodcast is the Odeo Studio. It is also helpful in easy uploading of the podcast for free. However, some listeners of the podcast who use a different player may get a short Odeo advertisement. Podcast Generator is another useful free tool for uploading podcasts.

There is also the podOmatic, which is a free online podcast creator offering listener statistics, free hosting, and podcast page designing. Meanwhile, Escapepodder is useful for creating RSS feeds through command line program. Gabcast is a great solution for those who do not have microphone. This allows recording of podcast using a mobile phone. It also assists in uploading the recorded audio to a website. There is also the WildVoice that can be used in hosting podcasts easily.

Podcasters can still find other podcast free applications that they may find more useful. But this list already includes all that is very beneficial for all podcasters.  

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