A Look on MCSE Server 2003

MCSE certification comes in different options. This is primarily because the entire Microsoft systems contain a wide array of programs and applications. Not only that. Microsoft is also a very progressive line. Each year, the company releases an upgraded version for their different programs and system applications to achieve a close to perfection products and services.

Among these variations is the MCSE server 2003. This is particularly geared towards the hosting provisions made for the entire Windows systems. The MCSE server 2003 helps operate the messaging and security system of the Windows plus the upgrades of the new version. Those who wish to take the MCSE server 2003 exam certification, a series of six different exams must be passed in order to become certified.

Within the six exams comprising the MCSE server 2003 certification, four exams are based on how the different networking systems work together. The other two have different basis as well. One deals with systems pertaining to client operations while the other one is an exam for systems design.

In addition, an elective exam will also be encountered. This particular exam is basically similar with the Windows 2000 exam. This elective exam is also geared towards gauging the proficiency of the exam taker in terms of technical knowledge and making design solutions as well as implementing these designs successfully. Apart from these exams, prior experience of test takers as related to handling an entire network system as well as the operating systems of a desktop is also taken into consideration.

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