Being certified in the Prince2 project management method is no easy task to fulfill. S such, you cannot go around passing the test with half a day’s review. If you want to be certified in Prince2, you need to bring out the books and burn the midnight candle! Well, at least for some people. Basically, the Prince2 project management method certification is composed of two exams which you need to pass – aptly named Foundation and Practitioner. The first exam, the Foundation exam, will compose of an entire hour of sweatin’ it out with a series of multiple choice questions. If you pass it, congratulations – but no need to pop open that wine bottle just yet because you still have one more trial to go through! The Practitioner exam is three times as long as the Foundation exam. Just like the harder levels in most video games, you still have the same concept of answering objective type questions. The catch? You can only use the official Reference Manual for a quick refresher every time you get stumped on a question. AS of late, it has been confirmed that the Practitioner exam is no longer a purely open book type of test. Apparently, the standards have been raised! Now, certification is attainable only through long hours of hard work (read: reviewing) and a faith in one’s knowledge about the Prince2 project management method – and a little peek into the official Reference Manual as well. You will be completely certified in no time!

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