The first step of a student to pass the CCIE laboratory exam is to pass the written examination where their theoretical knowledge on CCIE is tested. There is also the practical exam that tests the candidate s competitiveness in laying out his theoretical knowledge in an actual work.

The practical exam is mostly the more difficult part in almost all CCIE track examinations. If the CCIE Security written exam needs only two hours, the laboratory exam requires eight hours. Though hard, CCIE Security Lab passing rate will be anyone s passport to successful CCIE career.

CCIE Security Lab exam will surely be an easy one if one has lots of knowledge about troubleshooting and securing network. But most people who plans of taking CCIE Security Lab exam prepares so much before the big day because if they fail, they have to say goodbye to their more than $1,000 exam fee.

So, the best way is always to prepare to get a passing rate. One of the best ways for that is researching for the possible topics during the lab exam and to study them all.

Topics of CCIE Security Lab exam may include all or most of the following topics: Bridging and Switching, IGP Routing, PIX Firewall, BGP, IP/IOS Features, AAA, VPN, IOS Firewall, Advanced Securtiy, and Intrusion Detection System.

Briding and Switching may include the basic frame relay configuration, the traffic control and its congestion management, and the catalyst features and its advanced catalyst configuration. The IGP Routing may have the PIX Routing, route filtering, summarization, and redistribution. Other IGP features may also be included in this Security Lab exam.

Complete information about the possible topics for CCIE Security Lab examination can be found in various website.

Security lab workbooks are necessary for you to gain a better understanding of the work that you do as a Cisco professional. There are different types of workbooks available in many Cisco on line ordering stores, but the cost comprehensive ones usually come in a self-paced form which will help you get ahead in the CCIE Security Lab exam. This type of comprehensive workbook usually consists of ten scenarios that are full scale and are good for eight-hour lab scenarios. These are also designed to let the user work his way up from the ground based on the Cisco System 2007 Blueprint for January (in accordance with the CCIE Security Lab Exam.

The labs in this security lab workbook volume are designed in such a way that it will be able to stimulate the actual exam while at the same time illustrating all of the principles that are behind the impressive and functional technology which is part and parcel of the Cisco system. The CCIE Security Lab Workbook can also come covered by an exclusive protection program as a way to protect your investment   and everyone knows that education is the soundest investment you can ever make!

The newest version of the security lab workbook was created last January 2007 and is comprehensive enough to include a section on Electronic Solutions which also explain the key points as well as the pitfalls of such a technology. Such configurations are also broken down by task so as a user, you will not need to guess which particular commands will relate to particular questions.

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