A Quick Glimpse at the Various CompTIA Certification Programs

Being a part of your company’s Information Technology or IT department is no easy feat. Whether you are dealing with hardware, software or network problems, you would have to be knowledgeable about the latest developments in the IT industry while having a solid foundation for the basic principles. For this, a CompTIA certification would come in handy. This is one of the most sought-after certifications issued by the Computing Technology Industry Association. The exam measures an IT professional’s technical expertise on various IT support functions. Here is a quick glimpse at the various CompTIA certification programs available.

First, there is the CompTIA A+ Certification. This is probably one of the most common certifications obtained by IT professionals who would like to prove that they are knowledgeable about the latest that the industry has to offer. The exam covers topics regarding the installation, configuration, troubleshooting and preventive maintenance of computer network systems, which also extends to basic networking principles. Second, there is the CompTIA Network+ Certification. When an IT professional passes the exam for this type of certification, it validates his or her knowledge of computer network components, as well as the basics on networking hardware and protocols. Other types of CompTIA certification programs include the following: CompTIA  RFID+ Certification; CompTIA  Security+ Certification; CompTIA  Server+ Certification; CompTIA  e-Biz+ Certification; CompTIA CTT+ Certification; CompTIA  CDIA+ Certification; CompTIA  Linux+ Certification; CompTIA  i-Net Certification; CompTIA  Project+ Certification; CompTIA  Convergence+ Certification; CEA-CompTIA  DHTI+ Certification and finally, the CompTIA  PDI+ Certification. No matter which type of CompTIA certification you plan to take an exam for, it will definitely up the ante when included with your resume because this type of certification is known throughout the entire IT community.


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