Today’s modern business structure is very far off from the business models created decades ago. Although the same basic foundation is used when it comes to making the family business or a corporation grow, the modernity of the business models used have developed into the complicated models which can be seen today. One aspect of defining the business structure is through enterprise architecture. Basically, enterprise architecture is defined as the clear definition of a business structure’s behavior, process, Information Technology systems, personnel, company goals, as well as a clear picture of where the company will be a few years ago from now.

Now, take a look at the basic sample of an enterprise architecture model. If, for example, there is a new business process which needs to be introduced, the blueprint will be distributed in this manner: First, it will be created by the personnel from the IT department if they are refining an IT-related business process. Then, the blueprint will be passed on to the applications department, the information team, the business processes development team and finally, to the stakeholders. Final approval of the blueprint will depend on who is on top of the organizational chart.

Now that you have an idea of the structural definition of an enterprise architecture model, the next thing that you need to know is its benefits. First, it will simplify the way that the IT investment decisions are made. Since you have a clear definition of the job of each personnel, decisions are made easier and much quicker. Second, it will speed up the implementation of the new business process. Third, it will allow system diversification. This way, the organization as a whole will run more efficiently.

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