The evolution of the podcasting technology is considered one of the most fascinating technologies despite the fact that it is relatively new technically inclined people.  

The term podcasting was coined from two relative words:  the Ipod which is an evolving music gadget known to music fanatics, and broadcasting which is a term that refers to relative distribution of goods or services or objects – thus the name podcasting.  Although the two combined terms are fairly inaccurate in terms of components, the association of these two terms resulted to making Apple Ipod gadget as the best selling portable audio player during that time. In fact, even when these terms are irrelative with one another, the term podcasting was even voted as the word of the year in the 2005’s New Oxford’s Dictionary’s search for the commonly used term among people.  

The term podcasting has been coined by the renowned journalist Ben Hammersley which was given popularity by one of the more popular MTV VJ’s and media businessman Adam Curry.  It was Adam Curry who first initiated the application that required automating the whole process of synchronizing and downloading the audio files such as wavs and mp3 into the Ipod machine.  

Many have tried changing and tweaking the term podcasting. There were quite a handful of suggested terms and one of these are audio web loggings or audio-blogging.  The term audio magazine also became a popular choice to refer to the massive distribution of the music files.  Even the term pod was seemingly given another meaning as this intended to mean as “Personal on Demand”.  

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