Things would be convenient for between the customer and service provider to have at hand a ready service level agreement sample

The following items should contain in your Service Level Agreement:

1.  Definition of the services.  Define the services to be performed and the deadlines for the performance.
2.  Payment.  Provide the amount as to how much is to be paid, when payment should be made, and what includes in the payment.
3.  Relationship.  The agreement should clearly state that the relationship is not a partnership, joint venture or employer-employee relationship.
4.  Confidential Information. Disclosure of confidential information will be grounds for breach of contract
5.  Ownership of Work Product.  Define as to the full ownership of the work product and agreement contains the legal language as copyrighted.  Some also includes that service provider may continue to perform similar
services for others without the risk of legal restriction.
6.  Indemnification.  Provider to shoulder the company’s third party litigation costs resulting from its breach
7.  Liability Limit.  Provide limitation of liability to a maximum for direct and indirect damages.
8.  Term and Termination.  Provide as to the duration of the agreement as well as options and results for termination.
9.  Insurance. Indicate the minimum level of insurance coverage to be covered by the service provider.
10. Force Majeure.  Both parties are excused for any acts cause by force majeure.
11. Non-Solicitation. No soliciting of employment from both parties.

With the Sample Service Level Agreement, both parties would have to do is to review and if needed polish the terms and conditions based on their needs.

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