Information Technology (IT) is now considered a way of life. Through the years, IT has established its importance not only in the field of education and other industries, but more significantly in the world of business, that it has made things easier for companies to accomplish business needs and goals and carry out operational tasks. Because of the rapidly growing dependency of many business firms to Information Technology, the United Kingdoms Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) has sought the essence of developing a set of standards in achieving quality service and at the same time, overcoming difficulties linked to the growth of IT systems. Hence, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) was introduced to the world and has become the de facto standard in IT service management.

Now currently maintained and developed by the Office of Government Commerce, ITIL® has been adopted and adapted by almost every type of IT environment. ITIL® is a set of best practices and guidelines that define a systematic and specialized approach to the management of IT service provision. These guiding principles are intended to promote value in IT operations by delivering high quality services.

Implementing this extensive set of management procedures will lead to benefits such as the following: (a) get more out of existing resources resulting to reduced costs; (b) improved customer satisfaction through a more proficient approach to IT service delivery; (c) improved productivity by eliminating redundant work; (d) improved service quality though the use of established best practice processes; and (e) improved use of skills and experience, defining a consistent level of service.

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