Project Management can be recognized as the process of planning, organizing, securing, and managing your business resources to achieve desired objectives.

There are quite a few Project Management topics that are now being used. Unfortunately, we can only describe a few of them here.

One topic is aggregate planning, which may be considered a form of advanced planning in an organization. It involves examining the production process over a timeframe of two to eighteen months so that an aggregate plan can be created, covering what resources (such as raw materials) are to be procured and in what volume/amount. This aggregate plan is to be submitted to management as part of organizational efforts to minimize total cost of operations over that timeframe.

The Critical Path Method is another topic in Project Management. It applies to the algorithm known as critical path analysis which is helpful for determining the schedule of project activities. Critical Path Method can be used in any project which has interdependent activities.

Duration (project management) is the third in our list of Project Management topics. It is used to describe in detail how long it will take for the terminal element to be applied from start to finish of the project. (A terminal element refers to an activity – or the work deliverables – which are listed in a WBS or work breakdown structure.)

You may also have heard of the Gantt Chart – you read this as a bar chart that will show the project schedule. It will list down when the project is scheduled to begin and end, as well as the terminal elements that apply. Summary elements are also included in the Gantt Chart. The Gantt Chart is recommended for small short-term projects whose details can be compressed into a single page or screen. It is not very useful for those projects which have up to 30 activities or more.

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