To define a very popular term, podcasting is the manner of creating a series of files that are of the audio or even the video digital media kind. These files are then distributed all over the Internet by way of a syndicated download and also through many Web feeds to reach the portable and personal media players and computers of users all over the world.

Even though the content of these podcasts may even be made quite available by the direct download method (or more commonly known as streaming), podcasts are very much distinguished from the other types of digital media formats because of its ability to actually be syndicated and subscribed to. This may also be downloaded automatically every time new type of content is thereby added.

Just like the common term broadcast, a podcast may be referred to as a content series that has been syndicated with a host or an author of the actual podcast itself being given the term of podcaster. This is a term that is a mix of the word iPod and the word broadcast, thanks to the wide range of ever popular portable media players which the scripts first came out with thanks to Apple. These scripts are the type that allows podcasts to be transferred from one’s personal computer onto a mobile device that can carry music or audio video files once they have finished downloading. Podcasting is indeed a very fun and highly appealing way to get individuals and make an opportunity to come up with their own shows that are radio-styled.

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