Podcasting can now be enjoyed without even spending a single cent. There are ways on how to create podcasts and spread someone’s views to the world, all for free.

There are five basic steps to free podcasting. First, one should create his own audio file, which can be done through a microphone. There is no need for special voice recording software because most platforms today offer free voice recording programs. Microsoft Windows, for example, has its own sound recorder. Microphone also comes along with most laptops nowadays. Editing of the recorded sound file can be done with Audacity, a free and open source recording software as well as audio editing tool.

Next step is uploading the edited audio file to the World Wide Web. This can be downloaded and served in the podcaster’s website. If the podcaster does not have a website, he can use some free services online like the Internet Archive, which provides registration for free.

The third step is creating some show notes on the creator’s website. If the creator does not have a website, he can get one for free, like from the Blogger. The link to the uploaded podcast should be copied and advertised on that website.

After that, the podcaster should create and publish the RSS feed. Blogger can help with this through the Settings-Site Feed option. However, the podcast must be fed to the standard RSS, which the Blogger alone cannot do. The Feedburner can make that possible for free as long as the podcaster has provided it the link to the podcast.

The last step is advertising the podcast, which can be done through adding the podcast to some free directories like the podcastcookbook.com. It will also be very helpful to provide links to some social networking sites.

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