Have you ever thought about providing you hardware with a virtual capability where the host hardware is seemingly replicated with another hardware and works just the same as the host?  Well, if you have not thought about, then I think this is the right time to dwell deeply about it.

This technology is currently the latest one that is engulfing almost every corner of the computing industry.  This is called the hardware assisted virtualization technology.  A new technology where the underlying circuitry in the system motherboard and its controller (which includes the memory) have an enhanced way of running and executing more than one operating systems on virtually created machines.

Hardware Assisted Virtualization has the capability to allocate and partition the PC memory effectively and efficiently.  It also provides a good mechanism of emulation process that produces effective sets of multiple registers. 

In the year 2004 and 2006, the Virtualization Technology introduced the early results of a  machine driven virtually.  The AMD V or the AMD Virtualized machine and the IVT or the Intel Virtualized Technology are two of the early hardware assisted virtualization. 

The introduction of hardware assisted virtualization paved the way for more and more hardware virtualization experimentation.  This has resulted into a tremendous acceptance of the people to the seemingly alienated term hardware assisted virtualization.  Now, more and more people have learned the existence of this technology.  Even more, there has been a great rise in the number of companies and business organizations that  believe in the power of hardware assisted virtualization as a means to eliminate unnecessary expense. 

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