Almost every company today are dependent on their IT investments to go about their
businesses.  These investments will require intensive maintenance and in the event of a
disaster, having an IT disaster recovery plan can be an important factor in a business
organization’s survival.

Disasters are inevitable. Natural calamities, bombing, terrorism attacks and system
breakdowns are just a few of the examples of these disasters. Some attacks can be
predicted but most are unpredictable.  Without a good IT disaster recovery plan,
companies won’t be able to recover from their losses which could eventually lead to
millions of dollars in lost money and investment.

In IT industry, where data and networking systems are an asset, it is important to prevent
unlawful acts and destructive incidents from happening. That is why it is important for
companies to back up their data in a remote system in order for them to ensure that in the
event of a disaster, they can immediately recovery their data with minimal loss of
information.  Backing up of important data in an offshore location is the core of an IT
disaster recovery plan.

There are now several companies that offer IT disaster recovery plan and software to aid
business organizations in keeping their data safe and secure from hackers and other
disasters.  Companies that offer an IT disaster recovery plan can assure businesses that
when a disaster strikes, recovery processes can be immediately implemented and the
company can continue its operations at the soonest possible time.


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