As a blog platform WordPress is said to be simple and easy to use. And yet it is also    powerful. The functionality that WordPress offers is complete and yet intuitive so new bloggers find it user-friendly. But what really makes WordPress more complete and powerful are the WordPress plug-ins that are available to its users.

Each WordPress plug-in designates a new functionality for the users to use. Having plug-ins in use extends the functionality that WordPress originally has. It is even increasing since more and more WordPress plug-ins are being developed and being submitted to the site. Aside from those on the WordPress site, there are yet numerous plug-ins being used by many WorPress users.

With the many WordPress plug-ins available, users have to know which ones are useful to them. They have to be aware of what is available to them. There’s nothing to worry though because WordPress users can easily search for a plug-in based on the functionality they need. Many choices would typically be presented for each functionality. So the user again has to filter the results given to him.

For web designers and advanced users who have a WordPress plug-in, submit the plug-in to the site so other WordPress users can take advantage of it. There are also some competitions on WordPress plug-in so developers are encouraged to pour their efforts in designing a new WordPress plug-in.

By matching the right WordPress plug-in with the functionality needed in a blog. WordPress blogs would come out better and more useful.

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