The CompTIA serves the trillion-dollar, worldwide IT industry. The members now work in more than 100 countries, and more than 22,000 member companies. It is committed to serving the IT industry by helping the organizations maximize the benefits they could get from their investment in the technology. The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) offers a number of certifications appropriate for IT professionals. These are lifetime certifications which are taken once in your life. One of the certifications given is the CompTIA Security+ certification. Security+ certification deals with basic computer security topics, such as cryptography and access control. The CompTIA record shows that there are more than 32,000 individual holders of the CompTIA Security+ certificates.

This international, vendor-neutral certification is a course offered in many universities, colleges and commercial training centers all over the world. Although not required, it is recommended that a CompTIA Security+ candidate should have at least two years on-the-job network security experience. Security certification validates the knowledge in communications security, cryptography, infrastructure security, operational security and general security concepts. The ComTIA Security+ certification is recognized by major corporations such as Sun, IBM/Tivoli Software Group, Symantec, Motorola, Hitachi Electronics Services and Verisign. These corporations recommend and may even require their IT employees to acquire CompTIA certification.

The need to protect company assets made this security certification one of the hottest IT certifications around for 2008. This certification is valued in the industry as one measure to protect the company from any network security breaches. Every company desires to have perfect and effective protection against theft and destruction of their intellectual properties. The everlasting fight against hackers and other security threats contributes to the high demand for CompTIA Security+ certification.

The Computing Technology Industry Association (more commonly known as CompTIA) is a nonprofit association for trading that was founded in 1982 as ABCD  not the alphabet, but the Association of Better Computer Dealers, Inc. The ABCD organization was founded by five microcomputer dealerships. In a span of a decade, ABCD has pre-set the baseline work for numerous schemes and benefits for the members under the new CompTIA organization.

The Association of Better Computer Dealers, Inc. later changed its name to Computing Technology Industry Association or CompTIA. The name change is meant to show and reflect the nature of the Association in the evolving industry of computers and in the United States business setting. In the 1990s, CompTIA had the chance to pursue the broader expansion of the Association as it extended the range of CompTIA activities to answer the needs of the evolving computer industry. CompTIA encompasses the areas of UNIX, networking, mobile computing, multimedia and imaging.

One known certification from CompTIA is the CompTIA Security+. Earning a CompTIA Security+ Certification shows you have expertise and knowledge in topics covering various security needs. Earning a CompTIA Security+ Certification has proven uses in the areas of infrastructure security, communication security, access control, cryptography, operational and external threats, authentication, and organizational security.

Recognition of the value of CompTIA Security+ was brought about by human error itself. Human error is inevitable in any system, thus it is the number one cause of network security breaches. The CompTIA Security+ certification maintains its value and credibility within the scope of information security. Corporations such as IBM, Sun, Hitachi electronics services and Motorola (among many more) value CompTIA Security+ Certification and may usually require submission of proof of CompTIA Security+ Certification before hiring.

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