About Drupal Video Module

Vlogging or video logging is one form of blogging, which uses video as its medium. Drupal is one of those open source content management systems that hosts and allows bloggers to post video content and manage their own video blogging sites.

Drupal has a video module were users post video content to their site. With video capture on portable phones, video capturing is always present. Vlogging has been a phenomenon.  Videos are believed to be useful as a means for creative collaboration among community members.  If members within the community are unable to meet in person, videos of meetings are used to make it happen.  It is a good means of enhancing interaction between community members.

The video module uses flash player settings. Among the popular recording applications are Snapz Pro, iShowU and Jing for Mac, Wink, CamStudio, Camtasia, and Jing for Windows,
 RecordMyDesktop, and  Krut for Linux.

You can use number of page and menu links, to add to your play and download video content on the site. You can include configurable options such as counts of plays and downloads.   You can also configure to play multi-file downloads.

The following are video module procedures that you need to know:

1. To enable most played videos, latest videos, and top videos blocks, select menu administer >> block.
2. To create video posts, select menu create content >> video.
3. To administer video module settings, select menu administer >> settings >> video.
4. To file issues, read about known bugs, and download the latest version, select menu Video project page.

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