There are many benefits to earning a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) certificate for individuals and organizations alike. This type of certification is designed for IT professionals such as administrators, support personnel and database specialists for both administrators and developers.

Benefits to Organizations

There are many reasons why employees of organizations should provide MCITP certificates. First, an organization has a competitive edge over the others if he has MCITP EA-skilled employees. These skills give organizations the speed and reliability they need to compete with others because tools and solutions are used to their best advantage.

There is a study conducted in 2001 among hiring managers. The study showed that 89% of the respondents recommend a Microsoft certification. This further verifies the importance of MCITP certificates for organizations.

Benefits to Individuals

An individual wanting to climb fast in his IT career ladder can benefit from having an MCITP EA certificate. This ensures an individual that he is updating his knowledge on a regular basis and keeping himself relevant in the industry in terms of skills.

Further, some employers prefer to hire individuals who have MCITP EA certificates for some specific jobs that involve working with Microsoft products and technologies. Having an MCITP EA certificate also opens a lot of doors for individuals in terms of Microsoft conferences, product and information.
Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) offers various certifications on specific areas of technical expertise. It can be checked online for more information on who can take the exam and the skills measured.

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