ERP has indeed reached a much higher level of demand in the world of business enterprise. Because of its diversity, small scale businesses have began adapting the system to help organize their day to day business functions. However, no matter how small businesses are its size does not justify how much accounting services it should receive. After all, accounting is still accounting and it involves financial aspects which must be covered by the business.

And in response to the growing need of paying attention to the accounting side of the business, ACCPAC ERP has been developed. This software is highly developed and made more interactive that it can even host customer relations under its aid. However, at the heart of ACCPAC ERP is the emphasis provided on accounting. It also hosts various applications which can be attached onto the program to help facilitate a smoother flow of business transactions in between business partners and clients concerned.

ACCPAC ERP also gives big importance to the overall business intelligence of the company. It also helps authorities generate business reports more effectively and in complete detail. It already has its own set of report templates which users can easily choose and then data will be incorporated within a breeze. However, certain user options in the form of customizing reports are also made available. If in case the person would want to create report from scratch, it is also possible with ACCPAC ERP. Its additional applications can also be made useful for the said purpose. In effect, regardless of how reports generation has been facilitated document management still remains intact according to the business rules.


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