In this age of modern technology, learning things and concepts should always be fun, dynamic, and evolutionary.  Microsoft has developed programs that will help people learn more about their products.  What is best is that gaining your knowledge and skills on a Microsoft product is not boxed on a classic and traditional method; more to that, there is a newer method that is applied to learn Microsoft products.

The Microsoft Certification for Information Technology Professional or MCITP and Microsoft ahs introduced the Computer Based Training or the MCITP CBT.  With this new learning method, the learner is exposed to learning the concepts and insights via an optical mode – meaning, concepts are being taught on a compact disc and played via the personal computer.  What is good about the Computer Based Training is that you can opt to learn the subject at anytime and at anywhere not minding about the place and the availability of the mentor.  

Computer Based Training is not a new concept, after all.  In fact, the concept of learning via the employment of the computer device has been in use for quite a long time.  However, with the Microsoft Certification for Information Technology Professional program, the learning via the CBT has become far more extensive because the optical media that are used are very compacted and compressed that learning is achieved via a little span of time.  In addition, the learning process is not going to be that costly and expensive because of the media type that is being used.

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