In every organization, it is important that the customer activities are captured so that you would be able to keep tract of the trends as well as make sound decisions in pricing and making marketing strategies. And it is for this reason that Amdocs Clarify CRM is being used. This solution is being used for different purposes that include: time utilization, determining costs of warranty, tracking of parts or parts usage, determining costs of service contracts, customer history and tracking other large trends in a specific model.

Just like other CRM systems, Clarify can also help the institution by providing automated reports, gives access to double check  pricing as well as availablility, enables self service, easy log part  usage, gives you the idea what was already been made on the tool and gives a knowledge base to alert you if the problem has already been solved. To be able to maximize the use of Clarify, there are some modules that you can actually purchase individually to make sure that you get a unified data model. You can actually get ClearSupport, ClearQuality, ClearLogistics and ClearSales. Each module is created to target a different structure in the organization.

So the next time your company wants to employ CRM, you can tell them about Clarify CRM. It can give you detailed reporting about different aspects in the organization as well as help in improving your customer management and marketing strategies. The system is designed to make sure that you will be able to meet your goals in such an organized way.


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