Capacity Management consists of these main activities:

1. Performance Monitoring – Measuring, monitoring, and tuning the performance of IT services and the individual infrastructure components
2. Demand Management – Short term reactive implementation of strategies considered
within Service Strategy to manage current demand
3. Application Sizing – Determining the hardware or application capacity required to support new or modified applications and their predicted workload.
4. Modeling – Used to forecast the behavior of the infrastructure under certain
conditions (e.g. what if the number of users doubled; what if a network segment fails)
5. Tuning – Modifications made under the control of Change Management to enable better utilization of current infrastructure
6. Storage of Capacity Management Data – Storing all business, service and component capacity data to assist decision making within the Capacity Management and Financial Management processes
7. Capacity Planning – Forecasting when and where capacity will need to be increased and decreased. A formal Capacity Plan will document these recommendations
8. Reporting.

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