The SQL Server provides organization the benefits of reducing the cost of processing information, improve data accuracy and reliability which at the end results to a more facilitative report information in decision making.

The SQL Server covers an assortment of add on services.  These services may not be essential in the operation of the database system but such provide value-added services over and above the core database management system. These add on services are as follows:

1. Service Broker provides reliable messaging and messages queuing platform for SQL Server applications.  
2. SQL Server Replication Services are used to replicate and synchronize database objects, either in entirety or a subset of the objects present.  It follows a publisher/subscriber model where in the changes are sent out by publisher in one database server and the subscribers received the changes.
3. SQL Server Analysis Services includes the Online Analytical Processing and Data Mining capabilities for SQL Server databases
4. SQL Server Reporting Services is designed to prepare and deliver variety of interactive and printed reports using RDL files.  It is web interface administered with features that support the development of custom reporting applications.
5. SQL Server Notification Services uses a platform designed for generating notifications.  Notifications are sent to Notification Services subscribers who opted for notification on specific events.
6. SQL Server Integration Services is designed to integrate data from different data sources.  It  includes GUI tools  to  build data extraction workflows integration  functionality such as extracting data from various sources, querying data, transforming data including aggregating, duplication and merging data, and loading data transformed  onto other sources, or sending e-mails detailing the status of the operation
7. SQL Server Full Text Search service is a designed to provide specialized indexing and querying service for unstructured text stored in SQL Server databases.

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