Adding the website is quite a useful step in making a website more popular. Search engine and directories accept website submissions for free. So this makes adding the website easy for any webmaster or website owner.

Why should websites be added to search engines and directories? Again, this is an effective way of promoting a website. By adding the website, its chances of being more visible on search results are increased. People are able to see the link to the site more often. More people will see and know the site exists—and more people are likely to visit the site.

Adding the website on search engines and directories does not automatically get it shown on result pages though. Search engines will do its work in qualifying the sites relevant enough for each category. Google, for example, does not promise that that all added sites will be displayed nor does it make commitments as to when a newly added site will get exposure. It is therefore also important for the site content to be relevant and updated always.

By adding the website, it is given a jumpstart for search engine optimization. The website will surely be included in the search for websites to be indexed. While it does not guarantee result inclusion, its chances are significantly improved. So while it is not all when it comes to search engine optimization it is a vital component. Adding the website to search engine and to directory listings is the first step towards a good and solid search engine optimization strategy.

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