Effectively communicate with architecture and technology stakeholders teams to ensure adherence to application engineering guidelines, processes and procedures with focus on performance, latency optimizations, and efficient re architecture or modernization of systems.

More Uses of the ADFS Toolkit:

  • Ensure you relay; build and manage automated performance and capacity management operations for the infrastructure; and perform/lead regular maintenance and resiliency activities.
  • Collaborate with security, application developers, and other system engineers to support server and applications environments.
  • Lead: design, develop, test, implement, and document workflows, custom connectors, and other custom software to meet client requirements.
  • Ensure your organization aws, cloud, cloud administration, windows, active directory, ADFS, linux, deployment, automation, security configuration management.
  • Provide technical architecture leadership and direction on projects resulting in scalable, reliable, and maintainable platforms.
  • Support and troubleshoot applications running on server architecture and collaborate with application teams when necessary.
  • Manage work with security team to develop policies and processes for cloud app security and handling O365 account alerts, DLP policies, and multifactor authentication.
  • Be certain that your organization provides support, (administration, maintenance, monitoring, backup, contingency), for multiple messaging and collaboration technologies.
  • Perform administration duties, as installs, upgrades, configurations, tuning, and monitoring the health of multiple on premises and cloud systems.
  • Install, configure and provide ongoing support to a wide variety of highly resilient, scalable and specialized data center, virtualization and storage infrastructure solutions.
  • Orchestrate: architecture and engineering requirements for azure environment to accomplish windows domain migration, and office 365 tenant changes.
  • Control: architecture and engineering requirements for intune to accomplish windows domain migration, and office 365 tenant changes.
  • Consult with stakeholders across business units when implementing access levels for new systems to ensure quality and accuracy.
  • Oversee: architecture and engineering requirements for active directory and ADFS to accomplish windows domain migration, and office 365 tenant changes.
  • Arrange that your organization strives to automate proactive monitoring and to orchestrate administration steps to improve service levels and reduce service unit cost.
  • Audit: effectively plan, organize, and individually contribute to a challenging workload involving multiple projects and maintain professionalism in stressful situations.
  • Be certain that your organization evaluates new industry hardware and software to stay current on emerging technologies, market trends, and future expectations.
  • Solidify expertise with office 365 migrations and hybrid solutions and configured hybrid environment with exchange and o365 for cloud hosted mailboxes.
  • Secure that your organization uses technical knowledge and industry expertise to influence and develop the right Intellectual Property (IP) to better serve customers.
  • Devise: work closely with the cloud engineering and architecture teams and the broader IT organization supporting day to day operational incident, change, and problem management cases.
  • Troubleshoot and fix functional, performance, availability and reliability issues in infrastructure effectively to avoid repeat incidents.
  • Be accountable for implementing and managing security related procedures and protocols in accordance with enterprise standards, requirements and best practices.
  • Be available on an on call basis to respond to pending issues or problems arising during non business hours and provide support and response.
  • Initiate: architecture and engineering requirements for sharepoint on line and on premise to accomplish windows domain migration, and office 365 tenant changes.
  • Initiate: it means you are committed to delivering value through performance, innovation and service quality and that commitment starts with you.


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