The UK National Health Service (NHS) is a public funded organization founded in 1948 to provide free health care to all UK citizens.  In 2001, the UK NHS has adopted ECDL as the reference standard for basic IT skills.  The rapid increased in technology and where the use of Information Technology expands in the NHS, the organization believed that it was about time to equip their staff with the basic IT skills. 

The need for the basic IT skills has become an essential requirement in the health industry.  Steps are undertaken for the NHS to handle initiatives on NHS Care Records, electronic prescribing and electronic booking.    The success of adopting new skills using the standard ECDL remains entirely on the will of its staff/employees to make it work.   With ECDL, the staffs or employees are ensured of a quick and easy access to information needed to support patient care.  For example with the NHS Care Records Service, the person’s detailed records are securely shared to the different parts of the local NHS.  Patients are able to have a summary of their health information, which are made available anywhere in the NHS in UK.

Just like the regular ECDL exam, the UK NHS ECDL covers seven modules.   Candidates for the ECDL can prepare themselves through attendance to training centers or avail of those courseware available in the form of textbooks, e-learning or blended learning.  It is necessary that candidates get the help and support in their learning pace.  All the NHS training centers trainers would not sign an individual for the ECDL if the individual cannot be supported all through out.  The UK NHS requires health service employees to become ECDL certified, don’t you think you should start preparing yourselves and become ECDL certified.

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