Although almost everyone today knows about computer and how to use it at home, there are still those who don’t know much about how to do simple to complicated troubleshooting. Thanks to the many desktop support technicians who are capable of resolving this simple computer problem. Desktop support technicians are not only people’s aid for troubleshooting but this career may just be the gateway for everyone who wants advancement in the IT career. Good thing there are now certifications like the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician or MCDST that helps individuals be not just a simple desktop support technician forever, but a real professional in the field.

The MCDST is among the earliest Microsoft certifications. Giving this certification started during the height of Microsoft Windows XP use. And now, many professionals are just so eager to have this certification for many reasons. All these reasons are intended to advance one’s career in the IT industry.

Being a certified desktop support technician will give someone the confidence that he has all the knowledge and skills needed for Microsoft Windows troubleshooting. This will lead to his being a more competitive professional in the field. Having MCDST is also in demand knowing that a lot of people, even professionals, are now using Microsoft Windows operating system. There is a big market waiting for someone who is already certified. There is also a better opportunity waiting for those who have this certification. Employers and clients will certainly be confident enough with the skills of those with MCDST certification. So if anyone wants to do advancement in his IT career, being a simple desktop support technician will not help. But having an MCDST certification will.

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