In coming up with a successful list of keywords, you have to determine negative keywords as well. What does it mean when you include negative keywords in your campaigns? This means negative keywords will not be included in the search results. This is good because it filters the unwanted results from any queries made. It also lessens your cost per click. This event will in turn increase your return on investment.

For instance, if your chosen negative keyword is ‘free download’, then your ads will not be shown on the search queries that users will make. However, if the keyword is interchanged, your ad can possibly be included in the search results. More so, if one keyword will be searched, your ads will still show.

Negative Keywords Manipulation
To make your negative keywords effective, you have to learn how to manipulate them. The process of including negative keywords only involves adding of negative sign prior the negative keyword.  There are tools like Keyword Tool and Search Query Performance that you can take advantage of so you can come with your list of possible negative keywords.

The list of negative keywords will not just benefit your campaign ads but will lead you to lower costs of advertising and assurance that your website will be targeted.  However, don’t over manipulate or misuse your negative keywords because it may result to a very limited number of audiences.

On the contrary, if you don’t use negative keywords, you might end up getting audiences who are not interested in the product you are offering. Uninterested audience can lower your quality score when it comes to keyword measurement.  That’s why before you add any negative keyword in your account you have to make sure that they are significant at all.

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