In order to enjoy the benefits that AdWords can give you, you need to go about the process of registering your account to them. An account is given to anyone who has paid all the expected dues, usually priced at $5 for the activation of your AdWords account, as well as the necessary details and information have already been provided.  

The account will be activated once the activation fee has already been paid. Although the process of activating the account is expeditiously made, the time that you will need to make sure that you get to earn your profit shall run quite a longer time than expected.  This is a reality because you will need to create and establish a good name for your company in addition to having to work on a good combination of keywords and key searches before you finally get to hit the market.  

The account is non-terminable, this means that once the account on Google AdWords has been made, it is considered a lifetime account that even when your keywords or your ads are not being updated or are not getting the right amount of revenue, the account remains to be yours. It is a tied-up account on your registered name.  

The account that you have purchased from Google AdWords provides you with so many things, one of which is your capacity as a marketer to test and experiment the keywords that will make you earn money for a limitless trials.  This means that you can go about working on several keywords and key searches until such time that you get to have the best keyword combination. This account shall be your ticket towards working on your success to earning great amount of profit and revenue.

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