In the competitive world of the Internet, the best marketing tool is essential and substantial in order to make sure that you get to have that edge over other online businesses. AdWords is a program from Google, the leading search engine worldwide, and it is one of the key tools being usd by generally of the advertisers.  AdWords has been seen and proven to be effective tool to advertise and market a business product and service using the online platform.  

There are several marketing tools that one can potentially use to market their products.  However, AdWords above all these advertising mechanisms is way far good and practical as compared to its competitors.  

Below are some of the reasons for having AdWords as the best marketing arm:

a. AdWords has a credibility that has never been tarnished all through out its existence.  Although there have been some controversies that put Adowrds into the limelight but all these controversies were successfully ironed out by the leaders of Google and has remained, to this date, very strong and robust.

b. AdWords offers dynamic marketing and advertising choices to choose from.  Online businessmen can better plan their marketing strategies because of the diverse choices that one can choose from among the rosters of marketing strategies powered by Google.

c. AdWords has the cheapest and the most inexpensive activation fee.  AdWords is collecting activation fee at a very low amount.  What is best is that, this activation fee is tied up perpetually to the person who made and registered the account.  

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