AdWords is an effective tool for advertising online. However, its usage does not come for free. Good thing that advertisers can have options for AdWords billing. They can choose the prepaid or the postpaid services. As their names imply, prepaid are planned consumption for a certain online advertisement. Meanwhile, the postpaid is an unlimited consumption for online advertisement. Both have their benefits but they have their own weaknesses too. But what matters most is that the AdWords billings for these two services are also different.

For the prepaid, AdWords billing will display the date, activity, charge, payment, balance remaining and the funds remaining. The “date” here will display the actual date of invoice activity as well as the payment. The “activity” many include the charges, declined payments, and the account adjustments that have occurred for a certain month. “Charge” displays the total costs of advertising for the entire month. It may also include the adjustments as well and the credits made like the promotional credits. The “payment” will display the individual payment amount for the specific month. “Balance Remaining” is the amount remained in the advertiser’s account. Lastly, the “funds remaining” pertains to the more updated statistics compared to the “balance remaining.” This will reflect the more updated balance remaining in the advertiser’s account.

For the postpaid, AdWords billing will display the date, activity, invoiced amount, payment, balance due, and outstanding balance. The date, activity, and payment in this AdWords billing work similar to the prepaid. The “invoiced amount” reflects the cost for every campaign. “Balance due” is the balance for the invoice and the “outstanding balance” is the overall balance for the advertiser.  

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