When you created your first AdWords campaign, do you remember some of the standard questions which went like this? “What would be the maximum amount that you will pay for each click on your ad?” Such queries would actually lead to another set of similar questions if you chose not to answer – because the Cost-per-Click or CPC is a crucial part of any AdWords campaign. This is exactly the reason why companies opt to take advantage of CPC services.  The rule of thumb is that in order for your AdWords campaign to succeed, you should reach the maximum CPC.

Now, in order to maximize the CPC for your AdWords campaign, you should take advantage of a service provider offering this specific type of service. Usually, they will do the computation for you to determine which product can provide you with the most number of clicks possible. Afterwards, the system that will be provided for you will be keyword-assessed, along with evaluating the chances of your ad to appear on top of the results page in search engines, based on your presented keyword list.

However, you must also remember that this kind of strategy – although proven effective – can cost you a lot of money. If you want to ensure the success of your AdWords campaign, there is a corresponding increase in the costs for maximizing the CPC.  However, there is a way to reduce the costs of maximizing your CPC if you are willing to do some keyword refining for the ads on your end.

Another strategy that can you can use to improve your CPC is through content bids. They are named such because you can get excellent results from the content network traffic of the ads that you actually receive. However, this also depends on how much return of investment or ROI it is that you wish to acquire. At the end of the day, to make your content network traffic higher, you have to raise your content bids as well.

As a beginner, you can make your journey in AdWords creation more fruitful and lucrative.  This can easily be done by arming yourself with as much knowledge as you can about AdWords campaigns. You can also learn from people who have the necessary experience in AdWords. But in order for you not to make the same mistakes that they did – you should know how to pick up the valuable and not-so-valuable lessons in creating AdWords from the industry experts.

Take a look at the following tips on how you can avoid ‘newbie’ mistakes when creating AdWords campaigns:
1.    Be specific.
Though broad matching for AdWords can be done, it should be used minimally. Broad matching is usually employed by experienced advertisers in order to save time.  Rather than relying on a long list of negative keywords, they choose to think of more specific keywords. As a beginner you have to be brimming with ideas when it comes to keywords, so use broad matching sparingly.
2.    Use titles which are dynamic because they result to an increased click through rate (CTR) and conversion rate.
What happens is that the phrase or keywords that a searcher inputs will serve as the title of your ads. So to make your ads a very good target, you should have backup titles and subtitles, apart from your main titles.
3.    Utilize "global negatives".
The term “free” should be placed in your ads for global negatives.  This is because you are selling a product and service which you would otherwise not give free of charge.
4.    Turn off content targeting.
When you turn off content targeting in your search network, you will be familiarized with Google’s numerous AdWords features so that you can get your ads to a better position.
5.    Test various ads and positions.
Testing various ads and positions, then running them on Google will allow you to check which one performs best.
6.    Optimize your landing page.
As much as possible, avoid making your homepage the same as your landing page. Each product should have its own landing page so that you can acquire more CTR for each individual webpage.

CTR or Click-Through Rate refers to the rate at which online users click on ads in a webpage. There are various strategies to improve your CTR in Google AdWords so that your campaign will be a resounding success.  How?  First, you can utilize affiliate programs. Second, you can opt to promote a certain product will still be feasible and successful once Google AdWords campaigns and ads are created.

The performance and quality of your product sales and ROI or Return of Investment on the promotion will be more effective in Google AdWords. However, there are still some aspects in Google AdWords that you should not completely rely upon. By making your ads and campaigns more appealing and enticing, you can successfully reach out to the people who will take advantage of the products and services that you are offering.

So to make your ad positions appear higher in search engine rankings as compared to your direct competitors, you need to create a powerful content in your copywriting texts. The rule of thumb is, the more improved the quality of your ads and campaigns, the higher your CTR will be. Start by doing some rewrites for the content of your ad.  Make sure that the copy "speaks" more directly to your target audience or market. This can be done by asking question and encouraging their responses. Once an online user feels enticed enough by your words, that is exactly when they will decide to click on your ad campaign.

If you think that increasing your CTR through these methods are not enough, you just have to continue creating more attractive keywords, and place them on your ads. It would not only make your ads more clickable but it will definitely increase your sales as compared to your direct competitors.

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