AdWords is an effective means of attracting potential customers to the site. But more than that, it places relevant ads on related and relevant web pages. Advertisers use AdWords in order to market and get more exposure over the Internet . Since most people go online to search for things and do their shopping, it is certainly a good way to advertise a business.

The AdWords service offer international, national and local exposure and distribution. This means that businesses and other websites can target potential clients and customers according to location. Ads would still look the same, it is only the audience that will change.

In the case of AdWords Local, ads are set to appear in searches that are based on a particular city or state. Targeting customers becomes easier since ads appear according to geographic locations. Promos that are specifically for local customers are highlighted. The system will work to serve the ads according to the users’ query and to their IP addresses.

AdWords Local ads can also be featured in Google Maps. When users search for businesses related to the site, they will see the location of the enterprise on the map. The name of the establishment, its location and its contact numbers will be indicated as well.

All in all, AdWords Local ads work to direct potential customers to the actual establishment location through Google Maps. It also helps people get in touch with the establishment.  Finally, it also helps in driving traffic to the site when it appears in searches.

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