In the old days, effective advertising had been virtually exclusive to big companies that could allot a huge part of their budget to funding for extensive ad campaigns. However, things have changed a lot due to the birth of Internet . The international market became much easier to reach, and this development led to online advertising, which is much cheaper and easier to manage than traditional advertising. Of course, when online advertising is being discussed, the Google AdWords program should always be mentioned.

The AdWords program popularized effective yet affordable advertising that is usually targeted towards niche markets, or markets that are focused on a specific interest, often unique and sometimes even esoteric in nature. Businesses which have products and services targeting a specific niche can afford to pay for advertising through AdWords because the program focuses on quality. Reaching out to a huge and diverse market is more expensive and less effective than reaching out to a small part of a market that fits within a business’s target niche. Fortunately for small business owners, the AdWords program goes by the latter method.

The AdWords program works in two ways—one, through pay-per-click ads and two, through site impressions. For number one, clients will only have to pay for each click on their ads, and not for each time their ads appear in search results. For number two, clients will have to pay for each time their ad appears within a relevant site, but they have the freedom to specify what kind of sites they want their ads to appear in.

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