In the aim to drive more traffic into websites, most advertisers resort to AdWords PPC. Their ads would typically appear every time an Internet  user searches for the keywords which the advertiser has chosen. And they are labeled as sponsored links and placed either on the right side of the page or on top of the results. And if the user clicks on the ad, then that’s the only time the advertiser would have to pay for the ad.

The positioning of the ads would depend on the selection of keywords and the bid the advertiser places on his ad. A higher bid would be given more priority over lower bids. It would naturally appear on top compared to the other ads.

The quality score is also very important in this regard. Ad text and keywords should be relevant to the site. Historical click through rates also count. The quality score is also a basis for setting the minimum bid for the chosen keywords. The quality of landing pages is a very important factor as well.

AdWords PPC is a very good tool for providing exposure for a site. However, advertisers should also learn how to use this tool in order to maximize profits. One should be wise in choosing the keywords to bid on. The amount of the bid is yet another factor to look into closely. Just as it is in any business, all costs should be well budgeted in order to gain the right amount of advertisement and a good rate of return.

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