An expert Internet marketer would know how to handle an AdWords campaign quite adequately. He would be an expert in choosing the right keywords and know how to bid just the right amount for them. But it’s an entirely different story for a beginner. Nevertheless, one should not shy away from this powerful marketing tool. He must instead try it in order to learn how to do it right.

Experts advise novice advertisers to tread AdWords campaigns slowly. One should start at a low daily budget while learning the tricks of the trade. If an advertiser is not careful, he could just end up losing a lot of money without getting the right website exposure and without gaining much traffic.

Testing is always a good idea. One should observe how his AdWords campaign has affected traffic and more importantly, conversion to sales in the first few days of the campaign. The advertiser can then adjust and improve titles and other text to improve performance. In order to be able to replicate successful ads, one should take note of all his adjustments.

What makes AdWords more beneficial to beginners is the straightforward set up process which is quite easy to learn. There is also a searchable database to answer almost every question. There’s no minimum spending required from advertisers and the startup cost is only $5 – so AdWords can be used with any budget. One thing that is mostly complained about, however, is the quality score criteria. Advertisers say that this usually leads to higher bid costs and leads to the disabling of keywords.  

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