Anyone who has taken part in online advertising knows what the Google AdWords program is all about. For those who are not in the know, it’s time to pay attention. The AdWords program just so happens to be a program that makes online advertising easy, manageable, and affordable even to small business owners and recreational bloggers. To top it all off, the AdWords program really works, too.

The AdWords program has two very good choices for the online advertiser—PPC (pay-per click) ads or site ads. With PPC ads, the advertiser has to pay for only the ads that have been clicked on. This is good value for money because only ads that work their magic are paid for. Ads that appear but are ignored are not paid. With the second option—the site ads—the advertiser pays for each time one of her ads appears on a website. Of course, she gets to have a say on where the ads must appear so she can be sure that only the sites relevant to her ads will be involved.

The AdWords program is popular among online advertisers because it has proven to be successful in a lot of ad campaigns. There are people who are not searching for information, but rather for sellers of a certain product of service. These people use the Google Sponsored Links Search Engine ( The ads of online advertisers who are part of the AdWords program will appear in the sponsored links search results, on top of appearing in the normal web results. Now that’s what double exposure is all about.

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