Using Google AdWords has been a common practice among advertisers over the years. For many, it is the fastest way to increase traffic into their websites. Since a lot of online users generally use Google for searches, having their ads shown through AdWords is quite effective. AdWords also provide them with a good way of controlling ad spending.

The success of one’s marketing campaign through AdWords is quite dependent on choosing the right keywords to target. A more specific keyword or keywords is typically more helpful than a general one. The amount an advertiser bids on it is also very vital. A high bid usually gets a higher appearance so it is to the site’s advantage. However, this does not guarantee success. Since most businesses also budget their ad spending, there should be a balance between the bid and the choice of keywords.

In order for the advertiser to gauge the success of his marketing campaign, AdWords statistics can be viewed through their account. There would be a summary which shows data for each the content network and the Google search network. There is also a Keywords tab which shows statistics for all chosen keywords. All chosen placements can also be viewed through the Placements tab. The Ad Variations tab is also there to show how each ad variation is doing in the campaign. If it is observed that some ads perform better for the site, the advertiser always has the option to optimize ads. This means that ads which do better would be served and included in the auction more often than the less performing ones.

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