Agile Development at SNS

The Netstream Product

The New Provisioning System

Team Shape

Our Agile Process

Scrum Project Management

Extreme Programming

Project Planning
Projects are broken down well ahead of delivery.
Requirements are then captured as √≤stories’ -each story is a piece of work for one or more teams. Stories are held in the (Confluence) Jira tool
Stories are then planed into the next Sprint (10 day iteration) a week in advance of it starting
Cards are printed off for each story for each team to put on their story boards
Where more detailed requirements need to be documented, this is held on our Wiki
We try to be as flexible as possible with stories ahead of the iteration starting
BUT as inflexible as possible once it starts -otherwise delivery team effort will be wasted

Story Delivery

Testing -The Important Bit (to this audience)

Automated Tests Build Monitors

Halo Story Board
The basic layout (of swim lanes from left to right) for status of stories is fixed. But the self-organising teams have the freedom to record whatever they like everywhere else
Left -cards ready to play
Centre -stories being developed
Right -completed stories (blue / red / green stickers = test status)
Typical Team Story Board
Penfold Team Story board -Note (end of iteration)
Top left velocity tracking for the iteration (estimate, actual and running total)
Towards right -completed stories (with stickers)
Bottom left -bugs /to fix / other tasks to be run when we have time
Agile -How we got started



Agile Development at SNS

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