Agile Information Sharing: Characterizing the Problem

2-Day Training
Version 08.3
Motivate why achieving effective military and government operations requires agile information sharing (i.e., in accordance with the DoD Net-Centric Data and Services Strategies)
The Information Age
Why Agile Information Sharing?
The Need for Information Sharing Vignette Sharing Blue Force Tracks using FBCB2
Force 21 Battle Command Brigade and Below (FBCB2)
First Army System to provide Blue Force locations or Blue Situation Awareness (BSA) at Information Age Speeds
Previously BSA was reported by voice & posted by hand on overlays
Age of information went from hours/days to minutes
Accuracy improved through use of a single map scale
Allowed each unit to display exact location of some of its vehicles to everyone with FBCB2
An FBCB2 Information Sharing Testimonial
Testimonial from Brigadier General E. J. Sinclair, Commanding General, USAAVNC
Video on the use of Blue Force Tracker (BFT) information in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) -Movement to Bagdad -28 March 2003
Describes the advantages of FBCB2 BFT in a Joint/combined combat mission
A Theater Information Sharing Progression Army Battle Command System (ABCS)
Why Agile Information Sharing?
Agile Information Sharing Transforms Business Processes (e.g., Arranging Travel)
Why Agile Information Sharing?
Agile Information Sharing Spawns Innovations (e.g.,
Why Agile Information Sharing?
It is Needed to Maintain Information Dominance
Expected and used by today’ s Digital Natives
Need to provide capabilities suitable for today’ s information age
Will be used by our adversaries against us
Tools for Digital Natives
Agile Information Sharing
Commercial examples are a good model for the DoD but the DoD has unique needs, e.g.,
How does the DoD share with other government agencies, coalition partners, industry, etc. when data sharing needs and data sharing rules are dynamically changing?
How do we provide seamless interoperability across all communities?
How do we build capabilities agile enough to respond to dynamically changing enemy tactics?

We must use the flexibility and agility of the Digital Information Age to:
Enhance current military operations
Achieve operational flexibility to respond to a very agile enemy
Maintain information dominance
CHANGE OUR BUSINESS PROCESSES to produce improved combat capability suitable for today’ s Information Age

The DoD has selected an approach to implementing agile information sharing

This training explains the core components of the approach
DoD Net-Centric Data and Services Strategies
Community of Interest Approach

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