Provide client interface and consulting support to delivery and engineering teams on business analysis, technology approach, solutions, project management process and client engagement to drive delivery success.

More Uses of the Agile Project Management Toolkit:

  • Warrant that your organization improves team performance by building team cohesiveness, leading, mentoring, training, and motivating in order to facilitate cooperation among the team.
  • Develop operational and analytical reports, and/or dashboards to meet specific customer requirements for the particular work stream activity.
  • Facilitate engagement with stakeholders to understand use cases and technical requirements to enable effective story development/grooming.
  • Remove roadblocks reported by the team, which could require cross team collaboration and or escalation, possibly up to executive leadership.
  • Be able to use knowledge to support and seek to influence design decisions on any projects/programs that require terminology expert guidance/advice.
  • Drive: by combining the tried and true with the new and innovative, you implement the technologies and methodologies that make your clients better, more efficient, and more profitable.
  • Manage: work closely with it management and functional business teams on it deliverables, schedules, resource and costs supporting a portfolio of projects and programs.
  • Foster a shipping culture by collaborating with team members, understanding deadlines and expectations, and identifying roadblocks early.
  • Identify: coach stakeholders at various organization levels from leadership and clients through team members on agile methodology and best practices.
  • Drive completeness, transparency, speed, efficiency, and quality in all phases of development to successfully deliver defect free features from inception through production.
  • Contribute to ongoing improvement of internal processes to allow for smooth execution of projects and improved efficiency across departments and project team members.
  • Methodize: partner closely with operational and quality and compliance team leads to track and prioritize departmental work in alignment with organization goals.
  • Manage work with product owner and technical teams to translate project needs into specific and actionable requirements and project plans; breaking down tasks, estimating work efforts and defining milestones.
  • Represent cx in various cross functional initiatives; assume responsibility for consulting team, specific deliverables, and driving projects forward.
  • Utilize Agile Project Management framework and techniques to plan, document, and manage initiatives from conception through delivery and closure.
  • Provide terminology or technical specialist advice to support and seek to influence design decisions on any projects/programs that require terminology expert guidance/advice.
  • Confirm your organization interfaces with other technology and business organizations to reach agreement on scope, obtain resources and ensure proper preparedness.
  • Orchestrate: practice self development and promote learning in others by proactively providing information, resources, advice, and expertise with coworkers and customers.
  • Ensure you build and maintain relationships with existing and prospective vendors to encourage good business relations and networking for future contract opportunities.
  • Devise and deploy creative project management, reporting, and communications solutions to a wide range of long term and short term projects and organizational needs.
  • Organize and facilitate working sessions across scrum teams, as Initiative refinement, dependency and user story mapping, and release planning.
  • Serve as a main client interface on projects, clarify strategic requirements, account for complex ideas clearly, and manage expectations.
  • Keep cross functional stakeholders, contributors, and other interested parties engaged and up to date on project status and relevant details.
  • Identify and manage changes to the project scope, project schedule, and project costs using appropriate verification techniques and proper resource allocation, and.


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