Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL® is a framework designed in the 1980’s and over the years, it has been number one in setting the standards for the delivery of top-of-the-line IT services from companies around the globe. If you want to be ITIL® certified to advance your knowledge and career in the information technology industry, there are several paths that you can choose from. You can either take the ITIL® Foundation Certification exam, the ITIL® Version 2 or the ITIL® Version 3 exams. Under the ITIL® Version 2 category, you can either have an ITIL® foundation certificate, an ITIL® practitioner’s certificate, or an ITIL® manager’s certificate.

If you decide to advance your knowledge and take on the ITIL® Version 2 certification challenge, then you need to learn about two things: service support and service delivery. These are two terms that you will often stumble upon if you want to obtain an ITIL® Foundation Certification in IT Service Management. With service support, you will know how management affects a companys service desk and how to efficiently manage or handle your company’s IT configuration, and how to proceed when facing a given situation. On the other hand, service delivery will teach you what service delivery is all about, and how to manage your company’ IT capacity as well as you finances, service continuity and availability management. All in all, an ITIL® Foundation Certification in IT Service Management will give you a clear understanding of how your business, the customers, the management processes and the industry standards all come together to form a coherent whole.

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