All About Sparx and the Success of Enterprise Architect

If you are involved in enterprise architecture, you must have heard all about Sparx. This is a company which specializes in both high performance but also in scalable visual modeling of tools that are required for the planning, design and the construction of various software intensive systems. Sparx’s enterprise architecture keeps its customers in mind – customers that come from different industries that also range from aerospace as well as automotive engineering all the way to finance, government, defense, entertainment and also telecommunications, Spark Systems is said to be the number one vendor of foolproof and innovative solutions that are also based on the UML or the Unified Modeling Language.

As a motivated contributing member of OMG (otherwise known as the Object Management Group), the company Sparx Systems is highly committed to being able to realize the various potentials of development that is model-driven and also based on open standards. The number one product of Sparx Systems would definitely have to be the Enterprise Architect. This has been able to receive so many accolades ever since it started its initial release during early August in the year 2000. With success at its helm, it serves to revolutionize the face of enterprise architecture with its latest version 7.1. It is then no wonder that the Enterprise Architect flagship product of Sparx Systems is also the number one design tool of choice based on a survey of over a hundred and fifty thousand users all over the world. Clearly, Sparx Solutions is the standard bearer in enterprise architecture.

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