The certifications issued by the Computing Technology Industry Association are widely-recognized throughout the Information Technology industry so they are a must-have for all the IT professionals out there who would like to advance their career in this field. If you would like to be CompTIA certified, you can utilize the Computer Based Training (CBT) CompTIA certification study guides and review materials on RapidShare. RapidShare is one of the most popular hosting sites on the Internet today. They operate from Switzerland and the idea is for any member or user to have the ability to upload, share and download files. For those who are already using RapidShare, either as a paid Premium subscriber or a user of their free services, you can download CBT CompTIA A+ certification materials from RapidShare.

Basically, a CBT CompTIA A+ certification validates an IT professionals competency, knowledge and technical skills as a computer technician. The CompTIA exam to be taken depends on the particular IT support function that you would like to specialize in. There are a lot of sites on the Internet which offers CBT nuggets for the CompTIA A+ certification. You can either visit a site which offers CBT CompTIA certification files or go to to search for CBT nuggets or downloadable files. All in all, a computer-based tool such as the CompTIA certification files on RapidShare will ensure that you are well-equipped prior to taking the test, and emerge successful not just in the exam itself but with your IT career as well.

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