WordPress is a free publishing platform where people can work with their blogs. It started in 2003 with few users but has grown and expanded over the years. It can be downloaded and installed but first a person must meet the minimum requirements of having a WordPress host of PHP version 4.3 or greater or MySQL version 4.0 or greater.

WordPress was created to provide a well-structured publishing system built on PHP and MySQL. In 2005, WorPress released the 1.5 version. This was downloaded more than 900,000 times. This was followed by the release of version 2.0 and later an improved version called 2.5 was also released.

Benefits of Using WordPress for Websites

First, website owners have absolute control over his website and do whatever he wants with it. He can also sell his website for profitable purposes in the future if he wants to.

Second, website owners have total flexibility to do what he wants such as using additional functionality with Plugins and Themes.

Third, he can easily promote his website because Google likes WordPress. Using a good SEO theme and additional plugin functionality, he can develop a WordPress website that can easily be indexed with Google.

Fourth, WordPress is free and simple. A website owner can use any of the Microsoft tools for WordPress. Adding content and editing is also easy.

Using WordPress is the best decision because of the many benefits attached to it. Moreover, it is easy to install in the domain of the web hosting account. These are just the many reasons why the usage of WordPress is expanding.

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