Alvarion WiMax: Offering a Personal Broadband Experience

Alvarion mobile WiMax offers a unique service designed for individual users.  The service is called 4Motion Mobile WiMax which is specifically deployed as a personal broadband service.  It can be accessed using a web enabled mobile or cellular device.  It is definitely faster than 3G connectivity and fixed line DSL connection.  Alvarion 4Motion mobile WiMax is a leap towards the democratization of WiMax access.

Like all broadband connections, the Alvarion mobile WiMax is an always-on service.  Broadband connections can be accessed anywhere and anytime.  Users will just use their personal communication devices and they are set for mobile broadband.

Alvarion 4Motion mobile WiMax is fully compliant with international IEEE 802.16e standards.  It utilizes the functionality of Internet protocol based distributing services and architecture.  The technology is very flexible because of the utilization of hosted architecture.  Service providers therefore can easily adopt the personal broadband solution offered by Alvarion while individual users enjoy a reliable connection.

Alvarion’s mobile WiMax uses standard large scale WiMax deployments and will enable users to access advanced technology solutions.  Audio software can easily be downloaded on Alvarion solution allowing users to access Internet based radios and music sites.  It can also be used as a personal entertainment system because of its capability for downloading excellent video streams and large multimedia files. 

Users of Alvarion WiMax technology can also enjoy the wide coverage offered by the service.  The Alvarion deployment has been adopted already by hundreds of global carriers and service providers.  Users therefore can enjoy connectivity wherever they are.

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