An Effective Tool known as Metadata Extraction Tool

Metadata is such a very innovative and creative process ever developed.  This process has paved way for so many essential and significant discoveries in the Information Technology aspect. However, as the technology essentially progresses and develops, more and more issues are coming out.  Nonetheless, along with these issues are the immediate resolutions that are built.  One of the latest discoveries is the metadata tool known as the Metadata Extraction tool.

The metadata extraction tool was initially developed in New Zealand that is geared towards allowing for the extraction of a preserved data about a data in a file format that is wide range such as PDF for Adobe, JPEG for image files, WAV and AVI for audio and sound files among others.  This Extraction tool allows for the metadata to be extracted in a preserved manner.  Specifically, this extraction tool was developed to perform the following tasks:

a. To create an automated approach on how to extract data about a data from files which have digital format.  The extracted metadata should be preserved into its original form.
b. To be able to create a product or an output of the metadata in a format of an Extensible Markup language that can be used for preservation processes.

This Metadata Extraction tool was developed and established in the year 2003 by the National Library of the New Zealand country.  As people began to notice the capacity and features of the tool, it has become an open source file that was officially launched in the year 2007.

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